How To Use

Pink2Purple™ Show-Prep Usage

Introducing Pink2Purple™ 1 Day Prior to Travel

With the unique taste that Pink2Purple™ has to offer, getting your show pig acquired to that taste is very important. It may take a dose just to get your show pigs accustomed to it. We suggest introducing 1 dose of Pink2Purple™ 24 prior hours to travel.

Pre-Travel Dose

Traveling to shows puts extra stress on your show pigs. We suggest giving one dose of Pink2Purple™ 30 minutes before loading. This will keep your show pig feeling good as well as hydrated so you don’t lose that at home bloom.

24 Hours Pre-Show

Keeping your show pig hydrated and eating is one of the necessities at the show. Pink2Purple™ is the one product that can do both! We suggest giving one dose 24 hours before show time to encourage feed intake, starting the show day hydration process to sustain that show ring bloom and pop!

1 Hour Pre-Show

We are now close to show-time, ensuring your show pig has the right amount of muscle expression is all relative to how hydrated your show pig is. This last dose of Pink2Purple will give your show pig that last second pop that every judge is looking for to help you get to the backdrop!